Hockey Is Ours

Sure, the NHL was locked out, but in Canada, that doesn’t mean Hockey stops.

So I wrote this love letter.

Directed by Tim Godsall
Art Directed by Jed Heuer


Cut Through L.A.

Everybody loves Chris Paul. It's impossible not to.

For the release of his 6th shoe with Jordan, Art Director Jed Heuer and I wanted to do something fun for the people of LA and at the same time, let everyone know that his new shoe is all about traction.

So, Chris Paul cuts through L.A.

Directed by Andreas Nilsson


Better for it

For the Chinese version of Nike’s Better for it campaign, we wanted to show the women of China that it's okay to not be great at something. Everybody has to have a day one. Even celebrities.

We shot each of these influencers actually trying a brand new sport/activity for the first time. They weren't very good but they had a blast.

I wrote the original scripts and worked with absolute champion, Jimmy Chen, to translate them.

Directed by Paola Morabito
Written by Alexander Barrett & Jimmy Chen
Art Directed by Shaun Sundholm
Creative Directed by Azsa West & Terrance Leong
Made at W+K Shanghai