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I’m an Alexander, but you can call me Alex.

I’m a professional writer, illustrator, and former cookie sculptor.

When I’m not walking around looking at fronds or horizontal watching F for Fake for the fortieth time, I’m creating concepts to communicate truth in delightful ways.


I helped YouTube discover the double rainbow of voice & tone, got in touch with some of Nike’s deep-seated sports feelings, taught a cannabis company how to talk to people who aren’t stoners, and for a minute there, I was the face of Portland, Oregon. Look at all these companies who thought hiring me was an okay idea.


On a good long walk, I can discover things like the world’s most beautiful street sign, the rare beauty of the letter Q, and some truly above average steps.

Long walks are how I collect and process stories. Sometimes I tell a lot of stories all at once in the form of a book. If anyone asks, This is San Francisco, This is Portland, and This is Shanghai.

Oh, and I like making things big.

I’m based in San Francisco, but I’m open to freelance jobs, new collaborators, and blank walls everywhere.

Please reach out. Just don’t get me started about snacks.

Thank You.